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Litron cup + saucer - Bernardaud

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Litron cup + saucer - Bernardaud
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Collection : Aux papillons
Reference : L620-4519
Catégorie : Dinnerware / historic table

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Litron cup + saucer - Bernardaud

  • Litron cup + saucer

  • Use : 1777, original is housed in the national ceramics museum in sèvres, france. After the discovery of “hard” porcelain, the sèvres workshops adopted a new style as reflected in this refined pattern. The colors come from the richest materials and the gold background symbolizes absolute luxury. Flowers are modeled on an occidental theme and the butterflies, inspired from entomological displays, are surrounded with gold that evoke a chinese touch that was typical of the period.

    Collection : Aux papillons
    Brand : Bernardaud
    Classification : Dinnerware / historic table

    Reference : L620-4519

    Delivery time (adverage) : 1 - 3 weeks
    Product : Litron cup Bernardaud
    Collection : Aux papillons

    Bernardaud history :
    Today Bernardaud has become the major reference for french porcelain. Since 1863 the success of the company has been tied to a legacy that fuses tradition and innovation, artisan craftwork and industrial processes that define the richness, vitality and unique character of the brand.
    Bernardaud is indistinguishable from limoges, the city where in 1768, kaolin, the indispensable white clay used to make porcelain that is resistant, translucent and luminous, was discovered. Bernardaud is still proudly operated as a family business and in 2013 celebrated the 150th anniversary of its founding.

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