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Coupe service plate - Bernardaud

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Coupe service plate - Bernardaud
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Collection : Tulips
Size : 12 1/5 in
(31 cm)
Reference : F355-2550
Catégorie : Objets decoratifs / coupes et centres de table

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Coupe service plate - Bernardaud

  • Coupe service plate limited edition of 2500

  • Size : 12 1/5 in
    (31 cm)
    Use : Tulips is part of the highly acclaimed celebration series, which relates to the cyclical year (birthdays, holidays, seasons, etc. ) and a more general celebration of the cycle of life and values like innocence, pleasure and suspension of judgment. This image references tulips , 1995-1998, a large-scale oil painting of a bouquet of balloon tulips against a reflective background, which was made of millions of shapes of color with hard edges and unleashes a kaleidoscopic cascade of color. Tulips celebrates fertility, spring, beauty, and romance. Koons wanted his celebration series to be as objective as possible, so that everyone sees the same thing and shares a universal experience. It is about a calendar year and how we may perceive different things within the course of a year. You can look at the tulips painting or thetulips sculpture and maybe it will make you think of spring. I have always enjoyed flowers. Since taking art lessons as a child, i have had flowers in my work. I always like the sense that a flower just displays itself. The viewer always finds grace in a flower. Flowers are a symbol that life goes forward. Jeff koons
    Collection : Tulips
    Brand : Bernardaud
    Classification : Objets decoratifs / coupes et centres de table

    Reference : F355-2550

    Delivery time (adverage) : 1 - 3 weeks
    Product : Coupe Bernardaud
    Collection : Tulips

    Product size : 12 1/5 in
    (31 cm)

    Design : By jeff koons

    Bernardaud history :
    Today Bernardaud has become the major reference for french porcelain. Since 1863 the success of the company has been tied to a legacy that fuses tradition and innovation, artisan craftwork and industrial processes that define the richness, vitality and unique character of the brand.
    Bernardaud is indistinguishable from limoges, the city where in 1768, kaolin, the indispensable white clay used to make porcelain that is resistant, translucent and luminous, was discovered. Bernardaud is still proudly operated as a family business and in 2013 celebrated the 150th anniversary of its founding.

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