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Small fish - Daum

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Small fish - Daum
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Collection : Corals
Size : H : 5 cm - 2" - - l : 7 cm - 2 3/4" - l : 5,4 cm - 2 1/8"
Reference : 05458-1-c

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Small fish - Daum

  • Small fish

  • Collection : Corals
    Brand : Daum

    Reference : 05458-1-c

    Delievry time (adverage) : 1 - 3 weeks
    Product : Fish Daum
    Collection : Corals

    Product size : H : 5 cm - 2" - - l : 7 cm - 2 3/4" - l : 5,4 cm - 2 1/8"

    Daum history :
    Daum: The most artistic of luxury brands.
    Art is unequivocally what has linked Daum’s inimitable collection throughout its history.
    Because art is the ultimate luxury, for 130 years Daum has seduced the world's greatest collectors.
    As the initiator of modern glassmaking in the early 20th century, Daum made no secret of its creative ambitions from the outset, and in 1891 set up an artistic department within the company: A move that distinctly set the tone.
    Few brands have worked with so many artists. Salvador dali, arman, césar, dan dailey, andré deluol, claude and françois-xavier lalanne, paloma picasso, roland topor, manolo valdes, indeed, over the years, more than three hundred and fifty artists have stamped their mark on the brand, providing the company with a unique collection in the world.

    Know-how : Pâte de cristal is a rare and ancient glassmaking technique, which dates back to 5000 bc (pieces have been found in the tombs of pharaohs).
    In 1900 Daum rediscovered this technique that had been long forgotten, then further developed it in 1968.
    The process of melting glass coupled with the lost wax technique that Daum has developed, ensures a perfect reproduction of the original piece just as the artist had imagined it. Today, Daum is the only crystal maker in the world able to produce this exceptional material so perfectly.
    Pâte de cristal is a mutable substance, which has translated every whim of the imagination of the master glassmakers for over a century, in this way, no two pieces are identical, because the fragments of groisil blend and merge at will as the crystal melts.
    This mastery and constant research have resulted in world renowned masterpieces.

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