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6 x whisky double old-fashioned - Rosenthal selection

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6 x whisky double old-fashioned - Rosenthal selection
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Collection : Estelle
Designer :
Michael boehm - reference : 20630-110500-40405

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6 x whisky double old-fashioned - Rosenthal selection

  • 6 x estelle glossy whisky double old-fashioned
Collection : Estelle

Brand :
Rosenthal classic :
Experience classic moments
Everlasting values in its most beautiful design - based on the great corporate history with its perfect collections Rosenthal classic stands for the elegant laid table and exquisite living.

Size :
Height: 10.80 cm volume: 0.23 l
Ref : 20630-110500-40405
Category : Bar-cocktail / liquor & aperitif-glasses

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1 - 3 weeks (average observed)
Rosenthal selection
For over 130 years Rosenthal has stood for art and design, superior craftsmanship and perfect porcelain. Quality, tradition, innovation and image. With its fascinating products, Rosenthalis one of the world' s leading manufacturers in the spheres of f ine dining arrangements and gift accessories. Well over 150 artists, designers and architects, including such great names as raymond loewy,walter gropius, tapio wirkkala, björn wiinblad, mario bellini, jasper morrison, konstantin grcic and patricia urquiola have helped to establish and develop the company' s reputation as adesign pioneer. This leading position gives rise to our obligation and motivation to continue setting design trends in the future. Over the years Rosenthal has thus always remained vibrant andfascinating, united and motivated by its claim to produce the best design in every era. Rosenthal understands better than anybody how to perfectly harmonise the traditional and themodern; and the name is synonymous with confident style, perfection and pride. The hallmarks of Rosenthal porcelain are high quality and sustainability; each collection holding true to itsclaim to uniqueness as part of a harmonious whole. Extraordinary, exciting product ranges correspond with the requirements of exclusive dining culture and the associated desire for individuality.experience the aura of a global brand. Let yourself to be inspired by our products, give them with pleasure, and use them to add beauty your own home.

Designer :
Michael boehm
Michael boehm is one of the best-known glass designers in germany. His goal is not only the production of sophisticated glasses in an artistic-aesthetic sense but also the constant development of standards and quality in the art of glass making. Boehm has been working for Rosenthal since 1966. He built the Rosenthal glass studio in 1966 and created significant glass art, the bowl object "glass collage" (100 pieces), the glass series "reticelli", "olympus" or "champagne caprices". In 1982 he was commissioned to design the lights for the Rosenthal theater. His work was also a commercial success, for example the glass ranges "papyrus" and "maitre 13/66" for Rosenthal studio-line.
Rosenthal :
A sense of tradition coupled with the avantgarde is the underlying principle behind the worldwide leading Rosenthal company.
Experience gathered over 125 years of company history, the will to innovate and the strong cooperations with the best international designers, architects, artists, craftsmen and celebrities guarantee the success of this exclusive company philiosophy.

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estelle : Champagne flute, longdrink, red wine, water goblet, white wine

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6 x verre à whisky dof - Rosenthal selection