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Bowl 21 cm square - Rosenthal versace

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Bowl 21 cm square - Rosenthal versace
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Collection : Versace-arabesque
Designer : Donatella versace - reference : 69955-320319-45771

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Bowl 21 cm square - Rosenthal versace

  • Versace arabesque bowl 21 cm square
Collection : Versace-arabesque
Decor : Donatella versace
Brand : Rosenthal versace :
The fascinating style of this italian fashion emporium makes for a glamorous home.

Size : Length: 21.00 cm width: 21.00 cm
Ref : 69955-320319-45771
Category : Table-centerpieces / decoration-crystal
Delivery time : 1 - 3 weeks (average observed)
Rosenthal meets versace "arabesque": Oriental design
This exclusive creation impresses with its easy and glamorous way, which is the expression of pure love of life. The magnificent and impressive tendrils artfully frame the glass. The tendrils and the elegance of oriental design unite with a harmonious interplay of opulence and refined transparency.

Designer : Donatella versace
Donatella versace is one of the great couturières. As from 1993 she designed the "versus" collection. After the death of her brother gianni she took over the creative overall resposibility in the versace empire. Versace has been cooperating with Rosenthal since 1993. Her exceptional Rosenthal versace creations include "jungle" and "marqueterie". In 2004 she created for Rosenthal studio-line "celebrity art" her v.i.p.-plate. Five percent of the proceeds will go to unicef according to her wishes.
Rosenthal :
A sense of tradition coupled with the avantgarde is the underlying principle behind the worldwide leading Rosenthal company.
Experience gathered over 125 years of company history, the will to innovate and the strong cooperations with the best international designers, architects, artists, craftsmen and celebrities guarantee the success of this exclusive company philiosophy.

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Coupe carrée 21 cm - Rosenthal versace