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Fish serving knife in sterling silver gilt (vermeil) - Ercuis

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Collection : Empire
Reference : 624948
Catégorie : Vermeil flatware

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Fish serving knife in sterling silver gilt (vermeil) - Ercuis

  • Fish serving knife in sterling silver gilt (vermeil)

  • Collection : Empire
    Brand : Ercuis
    Classification : Vermeil flatware

    Reference : 624948

    Delievry time (adverage) : 1 - 3 weeks

    The empire collection: Vermeil : A flatware collection in sterling silver with a 5 microns gold plated finish .
    Flatware created according to a time-honored tradition by goldsmiths with precise and skilled hands, in love with beautiful artwork. Each piece bears two stamps, the "master’s" lozenge with the Ercuis initials and its emblem, the centaur, as well as the french hallmark, the minerva head that guarantees sterling silver 925 and certifies it was made in france.

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    Product : Fish serving knife Ercuis
    Collection : Empire

    Material : Sterling silver gilt (vermeil)

    Ercuis history :
    Renowned for its quality and outstanding craftmanship since 1867, Ercuis presents its collections of cutlery and silverware born from a tradition of french decorative arts and the latest in contemporary styling.

    Know-how : The making of Ercuis cutlery and stamped silverware involves numerous operations carried out by hand by silversmiths who are experts in specialist areas of production.
    Whilst there are seven steps to creating a piece of cutlery, a high quality piece of silverware often requires more than eight hours of work.
    This expertise passed down from generation to generation since the 19th century makes Ercuis one of the most illustrious french silversmiths.

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