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Coralline Ceiling light Chrome - Lalique

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Coralline Ceiling light Chrome - Lalique
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Size : H 8. 54 in - d 11. 76 in
Lalique family : Coralline
Lalique interior design - Lalique interior decoration - lighting

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Coralline Ceiling light Chrome - Lalique

  • Coralline ceiling light chrome
    Dimension : H 8. 54 in - d 11. 76 in
    Eur connection (also available in us connection )
    Poids : 22. 93 lbs
    Family : Coralline

  • Reference : 1012700
    Category : Lalique interior design - Lalique interior decoration - lighting

    Delivery (adverage) : 1 - 2 weeks

    Lalique history and know-how : A unique and exceptional history, style and know how

    Reproduce the emotion of the artist, through work of crystal sculpture and a set of lights . . . .
    . Revolutionary artist, jeweler famous of the belle epoque, favorite of sarah bernhardt, admired by gallé, rené Lalique aroused extraordinary enthusiasm in the world called the "rodin of transparencies" by maurice rostand, Lalique has succeeded in creating an art timeless and graceful resounding success.
    Exceptional jeweller and great master of glass, rené Lalique is among the leading designers of the art nouveau and art deco.

    Since 1921, the manufacture located in alsace, area renowned for its glassmaking, has perpetuated a traditional know-how. The human hand that of both artist and craftsman, marks every object of its print and its strength, which convey this “immaterial” presence: Our know-how.

    The Lalique style comes from an artistic gesture, outlining a drawing in total osmosis with crystal, a style that one easily recognizes through the manual modeling of the shapes and patterns, as if sculptured, the richness of the figurative details, the different types of finishing which create this characteristic contrast of clear and matt crystal. Fueled by the creativity of a line of artists out of the ordinary, the universe Lalique has a rich expertise that comes from tableware to decorating, the jewelry to perfumes.
    The Lalique collection lights coralline : Lalique jewellery is a living representation of a return to mythology, to the four elements (water, air, earth and fire) and to nature, which is meticulously explored with woman and the nymphs as its guardians.
    Lalique's sources of inspiration encapsulate all of his work, providing the very dna of his creations.

    This inspiration is drawn, firstly, from his meticulous study of nature in all its forms and, secondly, from his study of the expert use of various materials, such as gold, crystal, enamel, stone and wood.

    The nymphs are part-human, part-chimerical in form, representing a metamorphosis of woman and nature, embodying the love that Lalique had for both. As he recreates his own world and brings material to life, Lalique orchestrates the four natural elements - water, air, earth and fire - with great virtuosity and extravagance. At the heart of this poetic new world, women are sensual, fairy-like, extravagant or charismatic nymphs, guardians of an "enchanting cosmogony. "

    As a result, the four sources of inspiration of Lalique jewellery are sensual water, enchanting air, extravagant earth and charismatic fire. Each inspires the jewellery collections, embodying something of a contemporary reflection on the Lalique cosmogony.

    Understanding Lalique means sensing how his work uses the four elements to tell the story of life and really feeling how passion drives creation.
    Anyone who loves Lalique is both an actor and a spectator of this world, its fifth element

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