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Fruit saucer - Raynaud

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Collection : Palais royal
Size : 4 6/8 inches
Reference : Palr010

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Fruit saucer - Raynaud

  • Fruit saucer

  • Collection : Palais royal
    Brand : Raynaud

    Reference : Palr010

    Delievry time (adverage) : 1 - 3 weeks

    Products in the palais royal Raynaud collection: Bread and butter plate, buffet plate, coupe soup bowl, dessert plate, dinner plate, rim soup plate, salad cake plate, soup plate
    Product : Fruit saucer Raynaud
    Collection : Palais royal

    Product size : 4 6/8 inches
    Shape : Menton

    Raynaud history :
    Raynaud a family story: Three generations who, since the 19th century, have perpetuated with great talent the limoges porcelain tradition.
    150 year-old references
    From president harrisson's 1892 plates to lady diana's or dustin hoffmann's, Raynaud can boast having had, from the start, many presidents, and celebrities among its customers, having designed creations for prestigious venues and having worked with a great number of artists.

    Know-how : Raynaud is today renowned for its very unique porcelain, perceived as a world-famous reference.
    Numerous stages are necessary to obtain fine, white porcelain. Mold, oven, glazing, decoration, polishing, all the steps are perfectly controlled by renaud for an exceptional limoges porcelain

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