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6 x combi cup in porcelain - Rosenthal

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Collection : Tac gropius
Size : Capacity : 0,3 l
Reference : 11280-403255-14772
Category : Tac gropius skin gold

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6 x combi cup in porcelain - Rosenthal

  • 6 x combi cup in porcelain

  • Size : Capacity : 0,3 l
    Collection : Tac gropius
    Brand : Studio-line Rosenthal :
    For over 130 years the Rosenthal collection combine quality, tradition, innovation and image. With its fascinating products, Rosenthal is one of the tableware world’s leading manufacturers,
    Classification : Tac gropius skin gold

    Reference : 11280-403255-14772

    Delievry time (adverage) : 1 - 3 weeks
    Product : Cup studio-line Rosenthal
    Collection : Tac gropius skin gold

    Material : Porcelain
    Size : Capacity : 0,3 l Care information : Dishwasher suitable :
    With this décor the colours are burnt onto the glaze at a mini-mum temperature of at least 750 degrees c. The use of robust colours achieves such a strong lesion with the glaze that the dishwasher is most unlikely to do any damage to the décor. Dishwasher tests in the Rosenthal institute for material technology (iwt) have proved the excellent durability of the décor. The service can be washed in the dishwasher economy cycle (55 degrees c). Please pay particular attention to the instructions of the dishwasher and detergent manufacturers on the suitability of the their products.

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    6 x tasse kombi seule en porcelaine - Rosenthal studio-line