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Bottle coaster - Rosenthal versace

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Bottle coaster - Rosenthal versace
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Collection : Versace-medusa lumiere
Designer : Gianni versace
reference : 20665-110835-45009

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Bottle coaster - Rosenthal versace

  • Versace medusa lumiere bottle coaster
Collection : Versace-medusa lumiere
Decor : Gianni versace
Brand :
Rosenthal versace :
The fascinating style of this italian fashion emporium makes for a glamorous home.

Packing size : W : 7,48 in - l : 7,48 in - h : 3,35in
Ref : 20665-110835-45009
Category : Table-wine tasting-accessories

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Luxurious accessories for exclusive taste. The taste of the versace collection.
Insignias of imaginative elegance. The accessories of the versace collection.luxury of extravagance. Accessories and gifts from the versace collection.luxurious, headstrong, expressive “ the accessories by Rosenthal meets versace are symbols of an elegant, imaginative life- and living style. The extravagant combination of distinctive shapes, decors and the exceptional quality workmanship, shapes vases, bowls and candleholders into objects almost as unique as your personality. There are "medusa" and "gorgona" with their mystical exaggeration of the plastic medusa' s head. There is "nymph", which is melting egyptian and greek elements into a contemporary interpretation of cult-like vessels. There is the sumptuous sophistication of "le grand divertissiment" or "les rêves byzantins" with it' s highly valued miniature set highly valued by collectors. With all the differences, all have one thing in common: You become a mirror of your exquisite taste in your own environment.

Designer :
Gianni versace
Gianni versace is doubtlessly one of the greatest couturiers of the 20th century. His artistic work covered many fields, whether haute couture, leather collections, perfumes or décors for the interior, theatre costumes or disc- record covers - there seemed to be no limitation to his creative mind and artistic skills. Versace had cooperated with Rosenthal as from 1993. His outstanding creations in the Rosenthal versace collection are "medusa" and "barocco". Versace gifts and accessories medusa lumière
Rosenthal :
A sense of tradition coupled with the avantgarde is the underlying principle behind the worldwide leading Rosenthal company.
Experience gathered over 125 years of company history, the will to innovate and the strong cooperations with the best international designers, architects, artists, craftsmen and celebrities guarantee the success of this exclusive company philiosophy.

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